Spin Matsuri Retreat

Instructor Profile: Tink


Tink shares the joy of hooping by hosting free hoop jams and organising events including Spin Matsuri. She is leading a global dance project for World Hoop Day and developed “hooper trading cards.” Tink is a member of the HOOPLOVERS troupe and has been hooping since August 2008. She is a creator, geek and foodie. In her spare time, Tink is married.

Spin Matsuri takes place on World Hoop day this year, so in her workshop we will learn the 3 minute World Hoop Day dance and perform it for the video camera. Our performance video will be edited together with other hoopers around the world to create a World Hoop Day Dance montage!

10月10日 フロー
Tink teaches World Hoop Day Dance on Sunday, October 10th.