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WHD Dance 2012


Welcome to the official kick-off of the WHD Dance 2012. The tutorials and teaching materials are available, the music is ready for download, all we need is you!

The WHD Dance is a global hoop performance and video project. You can join in for free: learn the dance with your hoop friends, perform it for World Hoop Day on 12/12/12, and send in the footage to be included in the compilation video.

The choreography presented is a framework for your dance.  Feel free to vary it to suit your stage, your dancers and your event. Dancing solo? Teaching it to your beginner hoop students? Doing a flashmob? Performing for the head of state? There are creative ways to adapt this dance to any situation.

If you want advice on variations or assistance on a particular point in the dance, request a tutorial by dropping me an e-mail. I’ll do my best to get one to you, even while I’m on tour.

The choreography, music, and planning are the culmination of months of effort by hoopers and friends in Tokyo. I want to thank Kana, Ayumi, Bekah, Manami, Minako, Colleen, Uko, Masahi, Minoru, Kouchi, Swinky, Rob, Jesse, Huw and especially Tod.

On behalf of everyone, I welcome you to the WHD Dance 2012. Let the worldwide hoop dancing begin!

3 replies on “WHD Dance 2012”

it is very much like a fitness class from the 50’s rather than a dance group.
I am feeling no rhythm or fun; no feeling of, I wish I could do that.
sorry to be so negative.

Thanks for your comment, Lynda. The tutorial is purposefully colorless so that dancers learning it can see the moves clearly. I know that doesn’t make it very compelling.

I hope that troupes picking up the dance will practice until they are comfortable with the moves and can add their own flair and spice to it, including varying moves for their dance/hooping skills. Give it a try and see what you think.

Hi thanks for the further info. I am now smiling.
best wishes and good luck. look forward to seeing you in Glasgow.

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