WHD Dance in Tokyo – schedule for WS and practices

We have just a few weeks left before World Hoop Day. I arrived home from the tour today and I am ready to take Tokyo’s hoop dancers to the next level with this choreography. I hope you have been practicing! If not, there is one official workshop and several practices scheduled before our filming date on 12/16.

WHD Dance Workshop
11/26 (Monday)  7-9 pm
Edogawabashi Gymnasium (map)
Learn the whole dance from beginning to end!
The workshop is free, but there is a 300 yen entry fee for the gymnasium. RSVP is essential via e-mail or FB.

WHD Dance Practices
11/25 (Sunday) 3 -4 pm at 4th Sunday Spin, Yoyogi Park
11/28 (Wednesday) 1 -2 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium
12/1 (Saturday) 1-2 pm at Yoyogi Park
12/9 (Sunday) 7 – 8 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium (to be confirmed)
These practices are free (300 yen entry at Edogawa Gymnasium). Please bring your own hoop. We will refine our group dance, work on duos, and smooth out any tricky bits.

WHD Dance Filming
12/16 (Sunday) 1-3 pm @ Yoyogi Park
One final rehearsal followed by the filming. Wear your favorite hoop costume and bring your hoop.

If you would like to make a donation to World Hoop Day, it will be gratefully accepted. World Hoop Day funds raised in Tokyo will be going to hooping activities with Spark! Circus and the Peace Boat.

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