Hoop Hanami 2013

Our hooping spot doesn’t have any cherry blossoms, so at the last 4th Sunday Spin, we made our own.

Thanks to Kana, Deko, Noda, Yasu, Masashi, and Koichi for playing along with Tink, to Tod for filming, and to Tracey for being bubbly!

WHD Dance 2012 – official Tokyo version

Here we are, turning around! The 2012 World Hoop Day Dance performed by Tokyo hoopers at Yoyogi Park. Dance leaders: Ayumi and Kana. Video by Rob and Jesse. Silent cheering off camera by Tink, who had laryngitis that day.

Elbow Wrap Weave

We had a partner hooping workshop during Guru-guru Camp and while we were playing with two-person weaves, Shiho and Trine came up with a new one. I love the dynamic body movement that accompanies the wrapping and opening of their arms.

I grabbed the camera and shot a few seconds of video so we could share a mini-tutorial on the new move. Thanks, Trine and Shiho, for your cool invention!