4th Sunday Spin


Wow, what a fun afternoon for the last 4th Sunday Spin of 2015. Twelve people dropped by to hoop and juggle, spin poi, and chat in the chilly December afternoon. We even had two dogs join us.

The next 4th Sunday Spin will be FEBRUARY 28th. I will be in Thailand with Spark Circus in January. I will return with new tricks and ideas for us to play with.


draw your year

12/23 Workshop: Draw The Year 「年を描く」ワックショップ

draw your year


始めは2015のハイライトを考えいていまし、ハイライトのイメージを描いています。様々な技術をしようとします。経験は不要! 材料が提供さ。自分の使用する写真や記念品などのアイテムを持参してください。

Satoyama Design Factory

It’s the end of the year and a good time to review all the good (and bad) things that happened to you. Let’s draw the highlights of our year in a fun hour-long workshop on December 23rd.

First we’ll list the top things that happened in 2015 and maybe a few of the bottom things, too. Then we’ll draw how they made us feel, think or act. We will try collage, crayon, realistic drawing, and abstraction. You’ll go home with a memory drawing.

No experience required. Suitable for everyone who can remember their year. Bring yourself and a happy attitude. Optional: your diary, printed photos (for collage), or other mementoes. Paper, pens, pencils, scissors and glue provided.

12/23, 15:30 – 16:30
Satoyama Design Factory
Kamogawa, Chiba
500 yen/person

All proceeds from this workshop benefit the upcoming Spark Circus tour, where Tod & Tink will be teaching and performing!

Partner Yoga

partner yoga

Tomorrow morning’s Moyashi Yoga is a session of partner yoga! We’ll work in pairs to gently extend our stretching using one another for support, balance and extra tension in our poses. Bring a friend or come on your own and make a new friend.

9 – 9:45 am @ Satoyama Design Factory, Kamogawa, Chiba. 1000 yen.

Drishti Selfies


In yoga there are many poses where you’re meant to focus your gaze. Often this focal point, drishti, is towards your outstretched hand. It struck me the other day as my eyes drifted away from my hand and towards some distraction, that if I held my phone camera in the proper location I’d probably keep my drishti in line.

It worked a treat. I tried out a variety of poses and snapped a few drishti selfies. Using the camera’s self-timer meant that I held the pose solidly for ten seconds and pointing the camera at myself kept my attention on the place where it was supposed to be.

Physically, if not mentally.

Expect a round of selfie yoga in some of my upcoming classes, because this is going to be a good teaching aid for beginners who aren’t sure where to look…or yogis like me who lose focus.

Moyashi Yoga


Every Tuesday and Friday in December.

9:00 – 9:45 @ Satoyama Design Factory in Kamogawa, Chiba
1000 yen/session or 6,000 yen for the full month.

Tuesday morning is Easy Stretch Yoga.
Friday mornings mix it up with new programs every week.
All are suitable for beginners and beyond.
Classes will be taught in English, mostly. :-)

New Moon Workshops


Family Fun workshops on the New Moon! Tink will lead a mix of circus, hooping, juggling, yoga, dance, art and other fun activities in November 12 and December 23. One hour workshop, 500 yen/person.

There’s a New Moon Organic Cafe and Market event, awanova, just up the road from Satoyama Design Factory which is perfect for a tasty lunch or snack after the workshop!

WHD Dance 2015 Compilation Video

WHD Dance 2015 was performed on Saturday, October 3rd around the world. This is the 6th annual WHD Dance project. It was choreographed by Kristen McQuillin to the song Chaiyya Chaiyya from the movie Dil Se. The compilation features 243 dancers in 8 countries with submissions from 27 performance groups.

Thank you to everyone who participated as a dancer, teacher, group leader, costumer, videographer or general supporter. Whether or not you sent in a video at the end, you were part of a global hoopdance movement!

See you for a new dance in 2016.