Niijima is Waiting for Us

Niijima is Waiting for Us

I took a trip down to Niijima this week. Ah, it is glorious – blue skies, blue water, green trees, grey stone – and from next week, so many hula hoops! If you haven’t made your plans for Guru-guru Camp, get your ferry tickets and camp gear today. You really won’t want to miss it.

Hoops, juggling, photography, music, video shoot, meditation, beach fun, yoga are on the schedule so far and more will come when you join in the fun.

All the necessary details:


Let’s go to Camp!

Let's go to Camp!

Want to come to Guru-guru Camp, but don’t have camping gear? Join in with the Tokyo Gaijins’ all-inclusive Niijima camping weekend from May 3-6! 28,500 yen includes ferry, tent and camp gear, and 6 meals. Come to the top of camp to do workshops and hang out in the “hoop camp” with us and enjoy your meals and party time around the lower camp at night. Perfect combination!


WHD Dance Tutorial Filming


I can always count on Ayumi to help out with my projects. She’s been part of the WHD Dance tutorials for three years in a row – and this year it was only me and her. I am grateful for her support no matter whether she is tired or busy or what.

We had a fun afternoon of mistakes and triumphs. You won’t see the mistakes, so here is a triumphant moment I can share with you:

The full set of tutorials will be ready for release soon. If you’d like access to all of them, please sign up to the mailing list!


Hoop Lounge silliness

Did you know that Tink can hula hoop while playing ukulele and singing? Here’s proof! The Frolicaholics covered “Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd” at Hoop Lounge on April 1.


Guru-guru Camp 2014

Guru-guru Camp 2014

Nature! Hooping! Play! So much fun. Join us on Niijima during Golden Week.


New Circus Fitness Sessions

New Circus Fitness SessionsImprove your balance, coordination and strength while enjoying circus arts like juggling, acrobatics and hooping. Workshops in March and April! Ticket here: Special Value: 1000 yen discount on two workshops!

How to Engage an Audience

There are a lot of tips given to new hoop performers and one of them is always “engage the audience.” Unfortunately that advice is rarely followed up with instructions beyond “smile and make eye contact.” So for my own good, and maybe yours, too, I’ve written up 3 Ways to Engage Your Audience.


Recap of Escalators and Butterfly Hinges with Jo Mondy

Jo gives us a quick review of all the tricks she showed us. Let’s keep practicing!


Scenes from the weekend workshops

2014-02-01-ws-collageOn Saturday morning, nine Circus Fitness participants walked invisible tightropes, formed a human pyramid, juggled and balanced chocolates on their heads! NHK talent, Jason, joined us and wrote about it on his website, with some cute photos.

After a shared lunch, we were joined by a few extra hoopers and learned new tricks with Jo Mondy, visiting from the UK. I know that Japan’s hoopers will be mastering escalators and butterfly hinges in 2014. Thanks, Jo, for sharing your enthusiasm and ideas.


2/1 Circus Fitness WS + Jo Mondy Hoop Tricks WS. Tickets on sale now.


A full day of hoop and circus fun. Start your morning with Tink and a 90 minute mix of fitness conditioning and circus skills. In the afternoon, join UK-based Jo Mondy for a 2 hour hoop tricks workshop! Both workshops (plus lunch for the first ten people) only 4500 yen. Or you can attend only one workshop. Get your tickets by 1/30.
WORKSHOP #1: Circus Fitness サーカス体育
10:30 – 12:00
Edogawabashi Taiikukan 江戸川橋体育館 1F 柔道部

運動中に楽しんでください!運動の6種類があります: ウォームアップ運動、コア強化、柔軟性の練習、バランスとターン、脚のエクササイズとストレッチ。4つのサーカスのスキルを試すことができます:3ボールジャグリング、フラフープ、バランスジャグリング、とアクロバット。 

Get fit and have fun! This is an introductory session to Tink’s Circus Fitness classes. In this fast paced 90 minute workshop, you’ll experience six different conditioning sequences: warm-up movements, core strengthening, flexibility exercises, balance and turns, leg conditioning and cool-down stretching. And you can try four key circus skills including 3-ball juggling, hula hoop, balance juggling, and acrobatics.
This class is geared to adults in ALL LEVELS of fitness or circus skills. Materials provided. Workshop leader: Kristen McQuillin

WORKSHOP #2: Exciting Escalators and Butterfly Hinges
15:45 – 17:45
Bunkyo Sports Center (near Myogadani Station) 文京区スポーツセンター



Jo Mondy, from LiveLoveHoop in Brighton, is visiting Tokyo to share an exciting hoop tricks workshop. Don’t miss this chance. This 2 hour workshop is all about learning new tricks that look impressive! In the first hour we will explore the many variations of escalators and body wraps, starting with the simple basics and working up to more complex variations. We will also look at linking these moves together into your flow. In the second hour, we will pick up a second hoop and learn an awesome new technique called the ‘butterfly hinge’ – which will allow you to flick your hoops apart in a fun and dramatic way.

This workshop is for ALL LEVELS – even if you’ve never used 2 hoops before, you’ll pick the technique up quickly. Hoops provided, or bring your own favorites. Workshop leader: Jo Mondy.

12:30 – 15:00
Tink’s House
In between workshops, take a break and enjoy a variety of delicious vegetarian options to fuel you for the afternoon. There will be time to talk and maybe even hoop a little. Available only to participants who attend both workshops and limited to ten people in total. Buy the “Both WS + free lunch” ticket for only 4500 yen for a full day of hoop and circus fun.