Moyashi Yoga


Every Tuesday and Friday in December.

9:00 – 9:45 @ Satoyama Design Factory in Kamogawa, Chiba
1000 yen/session or 6,000 yen for the full month.

Tuesday morning is Easy Stretch Yoga.
Friday mornings mix it up with new programs every week.
All are suitable for beginners and beyond.
Classes will be taught in English, mostly. :-)

New Moon Workshops


Family Fun workshops on the New Moon! Tink will lead a mix of circus, hooping, juggling, yoga, dance, art and other fun activities in November 12 and December 23. One hour workshop, 500 yen/person.

There’s a New Moon Organic Cafe and Market event, awanova, just up the road from Satoyama Design Factory which is perfect for a tasty lunch or snack after the workshop!

WHD Dance 2015 Compilation Video

WHD Dance 2015 was performed on Saturday, October 3rd around the world. This is the 6th annual WHD Dance project. It was choreographed by Kristen McQuillin to the song Chaiyya Chaiyya from the movie Dil Se. The compilation features 243 dancers in 8 countries with submissions from 27 performance groups.

Thank you to everyone who participated as a dancer, teacher, group leader, costumer, videographer or general supporter. Whether or not you sent in a video at the end, you were part of a global hoopdance movement!

See you for a new dance in 2016.

Happy World Hoop Day!


May all your dreams be hoopy ones.

Some of my hoopy dreams for the coming year:

  • Teach hoop and circus classes to kids in my new neighborhood
  • Lead and participate in circus projects in Japan, Thailand, the US, and India
  • Run a circus retreat or two
  • Perform more
  • Pay my rent through hooping & circus activities

WHD Dance Video Submission Instructions

Submission Deadline: October 20, 2015

Please send only one video per performance group and ensure that WHD2015 and your locationare in the filename. There are three options for submission and here they are in my order of preference (and highest-to-lowest quality in the compilation):

Option 1: The Cloud

  1. Upload your hi-res, unedited footage to Dropbox, Drive or other hosting service.
  2. Send the e-mail notification/invitation to

Option 2: Raw Footage on YouTube/Vimeo

  1. Upload your unedited video (no transitions, credits, etc) to YouTube or Vimeo at its highest quality.
  2. Send an e-mail with the link to

Option 3: Edited Video on YouTube/Vimeo

  1. Upload your edited video to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Send an e-mail with the link to

Guru Guru


Have you ever wondered why our annual camping event is called Guru Guru Camp? Well, now you know! It describes something spinning for a long time. I love that the definition in this book is illustrated by someone spinning fire staff.

On the top of

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.53.54

Have you set your performance date and made World Hoop Day celebration plans? If so, make sure you go to the World Hoop Day website and get yours on the map. See where everyone else is celebrating! Just 3 weeks until the big day!