Hoop Lesson Plans

These are lesson plans for a variety of hoop classes in different styles – dance, fitness, fun. They give you a structure and ideas for tricks and sequences to teach in each class. The appendix describes mix-and-match warm-ups/cool-downs, drills, and ideas for showtime.

The lesson plans do not cover exactly how to teach each move; that depends on your understanding of the move and your teaching style. If you aren’t sure how to explain a particular trick, check out some tutorials to see how other people teach it.

The classes are approximately 1 hour, but can be compressed or stretched as you like.

Basic Structure of The Lessons

  1. Introduction – announce what the class is going to teach today
  2. Warm-up – build intensity with static and dynamic stretches
  3. Drills and Practice – reinforcing and refining
  4. New Material
  5. Playtime – personal integration
  6. Sequence or Group work – putting it all together
  7. Showtime – individual or group
  8. Cool-down – slowing and closing
  9. Gratitude – a final thanks

Lesson Themes

  • Square One Start from the basics for newer hoopers
  • Trick Heaven 20 tricks and a sequence
  • Fitness Get hot and sweaty with some cardio
  • Yoga and Stretch Gentle stretching and held postures
  • Dance Classics Incorporating ballroom and latin dance flavors
  • Dance Play Invented movements and modern dance ideas
  • Circus Style Precision and control and lots of drills
  • Games for Grownups Lighthearted fun and play
  • Kids Hoop Fun Stories, games, and tricks

APPENDIX: Mix & Match Class Parts

Inspirations and Sources

I have been inspired by and adapted materials from my  teachers and hoop friends, including Deanne Love (Hooplovers), Ayumi Mitake (Hoop Tokyo), Rainbow Kids Yoga, Jewelz Hanssens (Jewelz-a-Hoop), Kana Mikori, Betty Lucas (HoopChi), Kike Yamakawa, Heidi Hillier, Jenny Hill (Acts of Gennius), Steve Bags, Jo Mondy (LiveLoveHoop), Cherry Typhoon, and so many  people I have encountered in and out of hooping world. I am grateful for having learned all sorts of things  from you!