Guru-guru Camp


2016: Guru-guru Camp is on hiatus while we launch Awa Community Circus in Chiba. Come to Kamogawa for a visit and a circus class!

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Guru-guru Camp is a flow arts holiday on the island of Niijima, south of Tokyo. Golden Week is the ideal opportunity to get your spin on.  Hoops, poi, fire toys, juggling, and other props are most welcome. We also do yoga, make art, and enjoy creative time together.



A Spin Matsuri community event, YOU add to the schedule by bringing a workshop or activity to share. Guru-guru Camp is what you make it! Tink, Tod and Rob host the camp by setting up our shared space and bringing their skills and talents to the mix.



A sampling of Camp Activities

  • Video shoot & photography
  • Circus Fitness classes
  • Hoop workshops
  • Giant bubbles
  • Hike to Loren transmitter
  • Moving meditations & yoga
  • Photo treasure hunt
  • Crafting
  • Art projects
  • WHD Dance hoop choreography
  • あなたの活動…?

What else do we do? That is up to you!

Want to lead a workshop? Guru-guru Camp is open to all instructors. Teach yoga, create a group artwork, lead a music jam, offer massages. Do you want to host a fire jam on the beach? Run yoga sessions? Lead a massage workshop? Teach people how to cook on a campfire? Organise a free market? Go for it! Bring what you need to make your activity happen – you’ll find a ready audience.

ワークショップをリードしたいですか?ぐるぐるキャンプは、すべてインストラクターに開かれています。ヨガやグループのアートワークや音楽のジャムやマッサージをリードしています。ビーチで火災ジャムをホストしたいですか?自由市場を整理?どうぞ!活動を実現するために必要なものを持って – あなたは準備ができて聴衆を見つけることができます。

GGC collage


If you’re dizzy from spinning, there’s great cycling on Niijima, plus surfing, glass art, free onsens, beach walks, historic spots, and plenty of space to relax, explore, and enjoy.

自由時間には、新島のサイクリングは、ガラスアート、無料温泉、ビーチ散策、歴史的スポット. お楽しみください。


We’d love to know when you are coming, how many nights you plan to stay, and what activity or workshop you want to create. REGISTER HERE: Camp Details & News キャンプの詳細とニュース or drop a mail to

Of course, you can surprise us – show up with your camping gear and join in at any time. Stay one night or all week; it’s up to you. Non-campers can lodge at one of the island’s many ryokan & minshuku. Families are warmly welcome.

The workshops and activities are free. You pay for your own transport and meals.


Overnight ferry from Takeshiba Ferry Terminal is ~6,000 yen one way and takes 10 hours.
Jetboat ferry is ~9,000 yen one way and takes about 3 hours

フェリー 竹芝から 6000円 10時間
ジェット 竹芝から 9000円 3時間

It is wise to make a ferry reservation, as the boat gets rather full during the Golden Week holiday, but it’s not 100% necessary; you can sometimes just rock up and get a ticket on the day. Foul weather, wind, or heavy seas will delay or cancel a departure. Be prepared to go with the flow when Mother Nature requires. You can also fly to Niijima from Chofu, or take a different ferry from Shimoda.

From the Dock to Campsite: you can go by taxi, walk to the campsite (~45 minutes), or stroll into town and rent a bicycle, then cycle the rest of the way.

If you are bringing a lot of luggage (huge tents, camp kitchens and tons of hoops, for example), you can send it via Yamato Kuroneko delivery service to the freight forwarding service in the village. Packages and camp gear  should be shipped to the following address:


100-0400 Tokyo-to, Niijima-mura, Aza Setoyama 41
Niijima Rikuso Service PLEASE HOLD

The ‘止メ’ at the end indicates that the package should be stored for future pickup at Niijima Rikuso Service, the island’s freight forwarding service. Also attached to the package should be a note stating (for best results, in Japanese):

1) Who will be picking up the package and on what day
2) Mobile phone number of the responsible party

Packages must be sent via Yamato Kuroneko. When you get off the boat, take a taxi to Niijima Rikuso Service, pick up your stuff (be sure to bring the shipping receipts with you) and continue on to camp.



Tod created two handy maps that you can print out (we’ll have copies at camp, too). One is the Niijima food map which lists the supermarkets, bento shops and restaurants that we know about. The other, Niijima transportation map, pinpoints bicycle rental shops, car rentals, and also the town’s only clinic.


We will host one potluck BBQ dinner during camp; if you want to join in, please bring some food and drink to share. For other meals, you can organise as you wish.


The campsite has a covered BBQ area with dish stations and electricity, plus firepits scattered throughout the site. You can bring your own portable cooker. There are groceries stores in the village as well as izakayas and a couple of restaurants.


The campsite also features a clean toilet block, open-air showers (hot coin-operated showers are a 10 minute walk away), recycling centers, a playground, surreal stone zoo, a camp office, and friendly camp staff.


There is also access to electrical outlets for charging your devices. However there’s not a lot of phone reception in camp.


Niijima’s weather is a bit milder than Tokyo, so Golden Week is usually warm during the day and cool at night. It will rain at least once during the week, and possibly more. It can be windy. In 2012, we evacuated to ryokans when a huge storm blew through.  In 2013, we wore a lot of layers after sunset. It is wise to bring warm things to bundle up in the evening and a raincoat or umbrella for splashy days.


  • Tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc. (No gear? RENT some!)
  • Flashlight, sunscreen, bug spray
  • Towel, swimsuit (the water is chilly but so tempting)
  • Food & drink (or shop/dine in the village)
  • Plate/bowl, pot, cup, silverware, etc.
  • Bicycle (or rent one in the village)
  • Hoops, poi, and other toys as desired
  • Materials for your workshop

Available to share: the Spin Matsuri amp for workshops and spin jams; extra hoops.

Camping is free!
Workshops are free!
Pay your own way with food, drink, transport, other activities, etc.


✫ Have a question? Want to lead a workshop? Hoop, poi, staff, juggling, or something non-spinning – it will all be fun! Drop a line to


Here are some of the blog posts and photo sets from campers through the years. If you have pictures, video or articles to share, let us know!