Hoop DANCE Game


The Hoop DANCE Game encourages hoopers to move their bodies while using the hoop as a prop or partner. Exploration of dance movement can help unlock new sequences, break stale hoop patterns, and create more interest in the dance aspect of hoop dance. Also, it’s a great workout!

Write the words on index cards and you’ll have a fun tool to add to your classes and workshops.

Ways to Play

  • The game leader calls out a word to the rest of the group. Each hooper interprets the word as creatively as possible. Repeat every 30 seconds for ten words.
  • The same as above, but without hoops. Just dancing.
  • For each word called out, try to find a way for your body to do the motion and then for your hoop to do the motion.
  • Each player randomly chooses 3-6 cards and spends ten minutes creating a dance sequence using all the words selected (see video above for examples).
  • Each player chooses two cards and creates a single move that combines both movements (with or without the hoop)
  • Players add a high or low option to the movements to create levels to their action. For example: high clap, low arch, low circle, high shake.

64 Dance WORDS

  1. arch
  2. balance
  3. bend
  4. body smooth
  5. bounce
  6. cartwheel
  7. circle
  8. clap
  9. contract
  10. dip
  11. drop
  12. explode
  13. extend
  14. fall
  15. flail
  16. flap
  17. flex
  18. flow
  19. focus
  20. frame
  21. freeze
  22. gaze 
  23. glide
  24. grab
  25. hang
  26. hold
  27. invert
  28. jump
  29. kick
  30. lean
  31. leap
  32. lunge
  33. march
  34. open
  35. pass
  36. point
  37. pop
  38. pose
  39. press
  40. push
  41. reach
  42. reverse
  43. roll
  44. shake
  45. skip
  46. slide
  47. slither
  48. smile
  49. spin
  50. squat
  51. step
  52. stomp
  53. sway
  54. swoop
  55. tap
  56. thrust
  57. touch
  58. trace
  59. turn
  60. twist
  61. walk
  62. wave
  63. wiggle
  64. wrap

Do you have some favorite dance action words? More ways to use the cards? Comment below and let’s expand the list.

One reply on “Hoop DANCE Game”

This is really a wonderful workshop! These aren’t all dance related verbs, but it’s fun to try to translate into movement: toe, rocket, sabotage, flop, steer, whip, resist, squeeze, skew, flick, crumble, glance, hammer, surface, skirt, stretch, jar, juke (fake out), increase, decrease, separate, raise, wait, divide, scribble, deny.