Appendix: Showtime


Give your students a chance to shine and perform for a very supportive audience.


Video the sequence you created. Post to YouTube or use in your next class promo. This is good for small classes or shy groups.


Bring everyone together into a circle. While everyone waist hoops, allow those who wish to jump into the center of the circle and show off a trick they love or something they learned in class. Perfect for kids’ classes and adults who aren’t shy.


Divide the class into two (or more) groups. One group performs the sequence for the other. Then switch the audience and performers. Encourage the audience to applaud loudly and the performers to bow. Because students are hooping together, this is a low pressure way for everyone to perform for an audience.


Make a stage space at the front of your classroom. In pairs, as small groups, or soloists, encourage your students to perform the sequence or other tricks for the rest of the class, who are sitting on the floor in their hoops as the audience. Due to the smaller groups and bigger audience, this is higher-pressure than the showoff circle or group parts.