Spin! A Game

Download  the Spin! game. (560K PDF)

Sometimes we need to remember to play with our hoops. Here’s a game board to help you. Print it, cut it out and assemble the pieces to make a spinner to guide games and practice. You can play alone or with friends.

The board is open-ended. Each of the instructions around the circle can have multiple meanings, depending on what you are already doing. Turn, for example, could meen to turn your body or to turn your hoop to another plane. Interpret as you like; there is no wrong way to play with this.

Game Ideas

One or more players
All players do the same move.  For each spin, add the indicated element to the move you are doing. See how may spins you can go before you get stuck?

Sequence Morph
One or more players.
All players agree on a sequence of three or four simple moves, for example, cowgirl to low lasso to orbit. When everyone has the sequence smoothly, spin to add on an element to one of the moves in the sequence. How does it flow now? Can you add more moves or elements? Keep going to see the sequence morph.

Follow the Leader
Multiple players
First player spins and does a trick involving the indicated instruction. All the other players mirror the first player. Second player spins, does the first trick and transitions to a move based on the spin. Everyone performs the two tricks. Third player spins and adds to the growing sequence. Repeat until everyone has had a turn to create a move.

Five Second Rule
Multiple players
Everyone begins hooping on their waists. When the spinner stops, everyone incorporates the instruction into their hooping within 5 seconds. Anything is OK, but players who do not change are out. For a challenge, decrease to 2 seconds.