Square One

Square One

Start from the basics with this class for new hoopers. You will need: one hoop per student. A playlist with steady beats.


This class covers hooping on the waist, walking and turning and simple off-body moves. There is an emphasis on personal, natural movement and dance.



Drills and Practice

  1. Waist
  2. Walking
  3. Reverse Current

New Material


  • 4-point turns, 2-point turns, and pirouettes in both currents and directions.

Basic Hand Spins.

  • One-hand spin (vertical front plane) with each hand and both hands together
  • Two hand spin (vertical front plane) aka propeller.


  • Orbit. Pass the hoop horizontally around the body. Both directions.
  • Different levels: waist, chest, neck, knees

Lift and Lasso.

  • Lasso (horizontal top plane spin) from floor or shoulder start.
  • Practice with each hand and both together, and in two currents.
  • Back lift with turn – super slow lift from waist hooping
  • Lower hoop to waist.


  • Forward weave on each hand and both hands together


  • Up. Stand inside hoop, lift hoop (horizontal waist to top plane) while turning.
  • Down. Lower hoop from horizontal top plane to floor while turning
  • Sparkle to waist.


  • Frame. Hold hoop in front. Position body with energy.
  • Waist frame. Drop two hands behind spinning hoop, lift into back frame


Create a different atmosphere – lower the lights, if possible – start a new thumping dance song. Allow students to play with the things they have learned. This is a good time to walk around and give encouragement and personal assistance.


Work together to create a short sequence using the tricks introduced. Here is a sample:

  1. Waist hoop
  2. 2-point turn
  3. Sparkle up
  4. Lasso
  5. Orbit
  6. Weave
  7. Pose


Showoff Circle




One Word of Joy