WHD Dance Video Submission Instructions

Submission Deadline: October 20, 2015

Please send only one video per performance group and ensure that WHD2015 and your locationare in the filename. There are three options for submission and here they are in my order of preference (and highest-to-lowest quality in the compilation):

Option 1: The Cloud

  1. Upload your hi-res, unedited footage to Dropbox, Drive or other hosting service.
  2. Send the e-mail notification/invitation to spinmatsuri@gmail.com

Option 2: Raw Footage on YouTube/Vimeo

  1. Upload your unedited video (no transitions, credits, etc) to YouTube or Vimeo at its highest quality.
  2. Send an e-mail with the link to spinmatsuri@gmail.com

Option 3: Edited Video on YouTube/Vimeo

  1. Upload your edited video to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Send an e-mail with the link to spinmatsuri@gmail.com

Guru Guru


Have you ever wondered why our annual camping event is called Guru Guru Camp? Well, now you know! It describes something spinning for a long time. I love that the definition in this book is illustrated by someone spinning fire staff.

On the top of WorldHoopDay.org

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.53.54

Have you set your performance date and made World Hoop Day celebration plans? If so, make sure you go to the World Hoop Day website and get yours on the map. See where everyone else is celebrating! Just 3 weeks until the big day!

One Month to World Hoop Day – what are your plans?

World Hoop Day is just around the corner. Are you planning to celebrate?It’s not too late to put something together with your friends or hoop troupe. You can become a World Hoop Day ambassador and bring happiness to the world! Get your local hoop community together to make hoops, host a hoop disco at a senior center, school, or other facility, or give hoop lessons to kids (and adults) who need some fun in their lives. It is so satisfying to share the hoop love, and World Hoop Day is the best day to start.

Of course, I hope you’ll be incorporating the WHD Dance as part of your World Hoop Day celebrations.

Every Hooper Should Know: 33 Hoop Moves

This is a visual index of hoop tricks. In under 5 minutes, I demonstrate 33 moves that I teach to new students and have used in the WHD Dance over the years.

Is it the definitive list of what you should be working on? No! Your favorite trick isn’t even in here, trust me. These are moves that I think every hooper should know how to do and thirty three tricks is just the beginning.  I’ll be creating more videos in the “Every Hooper Should Know” series with themes like legs, lifts, leaps and LEDs.

The video was shot in two beautiful locations in Japan with help from Mirai Wakabayashi, Rob Moreno, and Tod McQuillin. I did the hooping and the editing. The music, Imagine Magenta, is by Dan-O Songs


Niijima is Waiting for Us

Niijima is Waiting for Us

I took a trip down to Niijima this week. Ah, it is glorious – blue skies, blue water, green trees, grey stone – and from next week, so many hula hoops! If you haven’t made your plans for Guru-guru Camp, get your ferry tickets and camp gear today. You really won’t want to miss it.

Hoops, juggling, photography, music, video shoot, meditation, beach fun, yoga are on the schedule so far and more will come when you join in the fun.

All the necessary details: https://spinmatsuri.com/guru-guru-camp/

Hoop Lounge silliness

Did you know that Tink can hula hoop while playing ukulele and singing? Here’s proof! The Frolicaholics covered “Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd” at Hoop Lounge on April 1.