Moyashi Yoga Summer Schedule


Yoga twice on Tuesdays! Morning and evening sessions. A bright cheery waking up yoga in the morning and a relaxing yin-style session in the evening. Starting on Tuesday, May 17 and running through July.

Social Circus Day Show (video)

We put together a little circus show on April 2 for our friends and neighbors. It was the first circus at Satoyama Design Factory, but definitely not the last. Thank you to Elli, Megumi, Noriko, Ark, Eri, and Tod for getting up on stage and to Chris and Trouble for their help off-stage.


Social Circus Day, in pictures

Social Circus Day was a huge success here in Japan. The photos really tell the story. A fun show, followed by a talk and the launch of the Awa Community Circus, then playshops that included creative warm-ups, juggling games and hula hooping. It was inter-generational with kids, parents and grandparents playing together and also represented a cross-section of our community in terms of lifestyles. The photo booth and dress up corner were popular, too.

Big thanks to Elli, Tod, Elli, Megumi, Noriko, Ark, Eri, Chris, and Trouble who helped out on- and off-stage. You are fantastic supporters and the day ran smoothly thanks to all of you. Hooray for #socialcircusday !



Announcing: Awa Community Circus!

Spin Matsuri launches a community circus program right here in Chiba, Japan. It’s a long-held dream to run a circus of our own. This spring we’ll have a series of circus classes and workshops followed by a public performance. August brings a Circus Summer Camp for kids and after the harvest, we’ll start visiting facilities with a circus program of performances and playshops.

Inari Polki from Finland will join us as a guest teacher this summer to share acrobatics and more. Circosis from Australia visits us in May for a special event.

Join our Facebook group for all the latest information on events and classes.



ソーシャルサーカスの日 Social Circus Day



12:45 入場
13:00 ショー  ティンクや友人
13:30トーク  ソーシャルサーカスのトピック&鴨川サーカスのプロジェクト
14:00 体験 -サーカスのゲームと技


Join Spin Matsuri for an afternoon celebrating social circus. There will be a show, a presentation, and time to try circus for yourself.

See what we’ve been up to for the last few years and learn about a new social circus initiative: Kamogawa Circus Project. Find out how you can participate and support us.

April 2, 2016, from 12:45pm at Satoyama Design Factory in Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan.


Drawing Meditations, stillness for people who need to move

On the flip side of circus, dance, yoga and movement arts is a place of stillness. It’s hard to get there sometimes, but necessary to find. We must rest between bursts of energy. The still place is also a time  – moments to recuperate and refresh before stepping back out onto the stage or into the classroom.

I occupy that still place with drawing and writing. And recently I’ve been working with my friend Tracey to create a new and uncommonly good project for relaxation and meditation. It’s not strictly Spin Matsuri, but it’s the other half of me so I want to share it with you.


Drawing Meditations is a two-for-one relaxation combo: coloring-in pages with guided meditations. We offer them in our Etsy shop as a deluxe gift set (pictured above) a less elaborate kit, or individual downloads.

The pairing of drawing and audio is brilliant, especially for people like me who don’t do silent meditation very well. While your left brain focuses on the technical aspects of coloring, your right brain enjoys flowing into the present moment with the meditation.

I’m working on some new coloring pages this month, and Tracey and I are hosting a live Drawing Meditations event – Coloring-In Party featuring Drawing Meditations on March 12th in Tokyo. I’ll be premiering two new meditations and their coloring sheets and also offering a hands-on tutorial on coloring techniques. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to me or though the Drawing Meditations Facebook page.