Ideas for Creating an Original Hoop Trick

The Japan Tricks Showcase is a charity video to raise funds for the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. All Japan-based hoopers are invited to contribute an original hoop trick. Please see the Call to Play for details.

I’d never created my own trick until recently. It was really fun! A few people have told me they want to be in the video, but don’t think they can come up with anything original. I know you can! Here are some ideas to help you if you are new to original tricks, too.

  1. Pick a name first, then match the movement to the name;
  2. Create a fresh variation on a trick you already know by adding an arm or leg movement, for example;
  3. Mash two or more tricks into one motion;
  4. Get together with friends and create a group trick.

And then there are ways to explore the motions themselves:

  1. What if you dance while you do a trick you already know?
  2. What if you jump in the middle of a familiar trick?
  3. What if you spin in the opposite direction?
  4. Can you speed it up or slow it down?
  5. Can you repeat it symmetrically or continuously?
  6. What happens if you do it with multiple hoops?
  7. Can you use two hoops doing different things?
  8. Can you do that trick on your hand, knees or neck?

And some other thoughts and tips:

  1. Playful experimentation is delightful fun
  2. Video your attempts and watch for interesting shapes and motions
  3. Think about the transitions between tricks – they can be tricks themselves
  4. Weird mistakes can turned into smooth or funky moves

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