Japan Tricks showcase

2 days, 569 views

On the top page of Hoop City on May 11

Thanks to features on and Hoop City, the Japan Tricks Showcase has been viewed 569 times in 2 days. Welcome international hoopers, to Spin Matsuri.

Video of the Day on on May 11, too.

I hope that the donations are following as swiftly as the view count increases, though I understand that statistically only 10% of the people who look at something are likely to act on it. So thank you to the 57 people who have donated! I am grateful that you are one of those people.

We’ll never know the amount the showcase raises for the charities because your donations go directly to them, but I know they will all appreciate whatever you give.

And to be honest, I must admit that I am in the 90% who has seen the video and not donated. I’ll be rectifying that with some donations today. 🙂