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Downloadable Choreo video

The World Hoop Day dance choreography video on YouTube’s been viewed over 1300 times now and a few people have asked for a version they can watch offline and use in their rehearsal spaces.  Here’s a link to an MP4 version. WHDance2011-choreo-.mp4 (18.7MB).

If you prefer not to download the file or need a different format, you can also grab the video from YouTube using screen capture programs like SnapzPro. There are few online services, too. Google for “save YouTube video” to find the most current ones that will work with your system.

One reply on “Downloadable Choreo video”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You’ve provided SO much that I didn’t want to ask for this but I’m SO glad that someone did. It was difficult practicing this in the park yesterday because we had to wait patiently to re-download the file each time we needed to review it again.

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