Introducing Spin Matsuri Hoop Mixes hosts 30/30 challenges – hoop 30 minutes daily for a month – and we love them for giving us a reason to focus on our personal practice every day and build good habits.

Today we introduce what we hope will be a series of musical inspirations for your hooping during these 30/30 challenges and beyond. The Spin Matsuri Hoop Mixes are 30 minute playlists of music that we love, put together into cohesive collections that capture mood, style, and speed. We start with two playlists in a SoundCloud set called Hoop 30:

“Geo-Bounce” is a high-energy set ideal for hoop drills, fitness, and keeping up a good pace from start to end. It draws on music from all over the world:
Tu Vuo Fa’ L’Americano, Yolanda Be Cool; Rhythm; Palance, JW & Blaze;
Pipe, JW & Blaze; Lisztomania, Phoenix; Gold Dust (feat. Ce’cile), Fresh;
Husan, Husan; La Camisa Negra, Juanes.

“Meditation” slows the pace a bit with new-age and world music to get you in a mellow and thoughtful groove that isn’t boring. It features seven tracks: Ong Namo – I Bow, Gurunam Singh; Joni, Julianne; Movement, Ulele; Firewoods I, Light Rain; Dervish, Light Rain; Celestial Soda Pop, Ray Lynch; Strong Spirits, Taniki Hikaru.

Be aware that our free SoundCloud account has a limit on the number of downloads, so act quickly to ensure you get one. We’ll be bringing you new mixes in upcoming weeks and months, so if you miss out this time, stay tuned for more.

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