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Hoop Factory @ Tink’s

With a goal of creating 80 hoops before 14 February, I am reaching out for your help. Would you like to learn how to make hoops? Play with tools and tape? Spend a few hours to bring some smiles to Tohoku next month?

Three “Hoop Factory @ Tink’s” events are scheduled and you’re welcome to attend one or all three – drop in after work or pop over on the Saturday. You don’t have to be here the whole time, but plan on staying at least an hour.

Tuesday, January 17. 6pm – 10pm
Friday, January 27. 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, February 4. 1pm – 6pm

What happens in the hoop factory? First we measure and cut pipe, then we prepare connectors and form the pipe into hoops. Then we decorate the blank hoops with tape.

The hoops we make in these sessions will travel with me to Tohoku for a week in mid-February, where I will be participating in the Smile Ambassador program in local schools. Each group will receive a gift of hoops, so the more hoops, the better.

If you can attend any of these sessions, please contact me via e-mail for details and directions, or RSVP on Facebook.