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Teaching at Hoopcamp in September

From September 26-30, I will be among the instructors at Hoopcamp, one of the biggest and most loved hoop events on the planet. I’ll be leading a session on the WHD Dance 2012, including tips on how to teach the dance and a variety of modifications and other ideas.

If you are in Tokyo, be prepared for some free workshop sessions. I hope to have the choreography sorted out by June and will need some happy volunteers to learn it  and give me feedback so that I can figure out how to teach it best. This means we are going to have more than six months to prepare our dance for the 2012 World Hoop Day event.  Let’s rock it!

From a personal perspective, I am simultaneously thrilled, humbled and scared to pieces to be part of Hoopcamp’s program. I attended in 2010 and was blown away by being with 500 other hoopers and totally immersed in classes and new ideas. I am excited to share this year’s WHD Dance and bring it to an even bigger audience and I hope that my part in the program will give people a fun choreography to share with their hoop groups when they return home. Even more than that, I am eager to learn from the world’s best hoopers who will be leading workshops, demos and discussion sessions for four days straight. I don’t count myself among the world’s best hoopers, but there I am in the lineup. My ego is really confused.