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The Clock Act

This is the act I performed nightly – on fire – in Thailand for Spark Circus during January and February. It’s captured here in a show at Hoop Lounge in March. Of course, we can’t burn things indoors in Tokyo, so I did it with LED hoops instead.

Being in a fire show was a new experience for me. I was afraid of the fire at first* but by the end of the 6 week run I was comfortable playing with flames. My act was very different from the more skilled performers’ pieces so I was included in the lineup almost every night. I got a lot of practice and I had to stop being scared of fire.

This video is the first time I got to see the act all the way through. I have a rehearsal video from December, but the piece evolved from its original choreography. I think I like it. I’ll keep using it and it will continue to evolve. And revolve.

* The first time the circus crew lit its tools, I had a panic attack, dropped mine, and cried. Not a great beginning.