Guru-guru Camp

Guru-guru Camp 2013 Recap

GGC 2013 Hoopers

What a great GGC this year. We hosted 34 people for camping and activities over  the ten days. Shiho came all the way from Sydney; we had a group from Osaka; and were delighted when Inga showed up from Germany (by way of Thailand). Other campers around the site joined us for lessons and impromptu hoop parties, including Sandra and Donnie, who were enthusiastic new hoopers by the end of GGC. We had toddlers and grandmothers in the mix this year. Artists, musicians, photographers, poi spinners and of course lots of hoop dancers.

The weather was chilly and windy, and one night of rain. Days started early and ended..not too late. The camp kitchen was always busy, with as many as a dozen people using it for meals.

So many people came together to add their skills and passions to the workshops and other activities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Wakago Adventure with Takashi
  • LED Hoop Jam with Shiho
  • 466969_10151581836118166_1263012955_o
    Shikine Adventure with Uko
  • Yoga with Beth
  • 466054_10151581542523166_1153371296_o
    Day and Night Photo Sessions with Rob
  • Thai Fire Lantern Launches with Tod
  • BBQ party with Takashi
  • Trick Share, Juggling and Poi
  • 913682_10151653230621869_949741362_o
    Genesis Drawing with Liane
  • 466954_10151583734968166_1960029865_o
    Live Tribal Beats with Tadat
  • Hoop Fitness
  • High-Low Hoop Dance
  • Palm Candle Construction
  • Yoga Mandala
  • Double Hoop Tricks
  • Power Stone Bracelets
  • 913731_10151581834273166_574473943_o
    Fire Jam
  • Sand Bath & Yakiniku Rain Night
  • Hibashiura Music Festival

There are more photos on the Facebook event page: