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Olympic plans in Tokyo

Tokyo won the bid to host the summer Olympics in 2020. What does this mean for our hoop community?

First of all, we can attend the rhythmic gymnastics events on August 5-7 and cheer on our hoop sisters. Inspiration! 

Secondly, we might not be hooping in city parks for the duration of the event. We’ll have to hold July’s 4th Sunday Spin somewhere else in 2020. Yoyogi, Ueno, and Hibiya parks are all slated to host “live sites” with video feeds for people to watch events for free. What this means will happen our favorite park during and after the event, I don’t know because the plans don’t specify. I hope it is nothing  permanent. 

Finally, I think we ought to form a hoop troupe to perform either near the venue areas (special performance like that is in the plans) or in the Opening Ceremony itself. That sounds terrifically fun. Get in touch if you are interested.