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Happy World Hoop Day!

2013-09-29-WHD Dance -happyGreetings and salutations to hoopers around the world! Wishing you all the hoopy best from Japan.

World Hoop Day is a good time to reflect on your hooping and connection to the global community. Here at Spin Matsuri, we are thinking about events and activities for 2014. Here are some of the questions we’re asking; maybe you’d like to share your ideas?

  1. How did I participate in my local hoop community this year?
  2. What have I done in the global hoop community?
  3. In the coming year, what events will I attend in my area? Outside my area? Online?
  4. What events do I wish to host/organise?
  5. How will my hoop and I contribute to society in the next 12 months?
  6. Will/can I earn money from hooping? How?
  7. What are my wildest hoop dreams?
  8. Top three hoop goals between today and WHD 2014…