Feb 1 – Jo Mondy Hoop Tricks Workshop


Exciting Escalators and Butterfly Hinges
Saturday, February 1, 2014
15:45 – 17:45
Bunkyo-ku Sports Center, 2F kendo room (map)
3000 yen
RSVP to spinmatsuri@gmail.com

Jo Mondy, from LiveLoveHoop, in Brighton is in Tokyo to share an exciting hoop tricks workshop. Don’t miss this chance.

This 2 hour workshop is all about learning new tricks that look impressive! In the first hour we will explore the many variations of escalators and body wraps, starting with the simple basics and working up to more complex variations. We will also look at linking these moves together into your flow. In the second hour, we will pick up a second hoop and learn an awesome new technique called the ‘butterfly hinge’ – which will allow you to flick your hoops apart in a fun and dramatic way.

This workshop is for all levels – even if you’ve never used 2 hoops before, you’ll pick the technique up quickly.

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