WHD Dance

WHD Dance 2016 – help wanted!

The WHD Dance choreography for 2016 is done and the tutorial videos are online. I am excited about this year’s two part interleaved dance and I think it is going to be one of the most fun ever to teach and perform.

Now I need some help from you.

I’ve already had a lot of help this year. Lysa, Amanda, Bekah and Jenny all pitched in with comments on an early version of the choreo that helped me to refine the dance. My friend, Ark, helped me with the filming on a day she took off from school (because hooping is better than math class). And well-known, festival favorite hoopers inspired me with their moves; when you watch the tutorials see if you can tell who inspired me.

I need some MORE help finishing the rest of the tutorial materials. I have run out of time to do the “rehearsal counts” audio and the “dance with me” videos.  Does anyone want to collaborate and take a stab at them? Send me a mail to if you have time and interest.

Finally, share the tutorials with your hooping friends, on your social media, or wherever you like. I never quite know if the word is getting out to everyone who might like to participate. With your help, it will.

Thank so much for your support and your participation in the WHD Dance project. Seven years and counting…