4th Sunday Spin

4 Hoop Clover Hold

Garret Flowers, on his way home to Canada from Spark Circus, stopped in to play with us at 4th Sunday Spin. He shared this nifty, 4-hoop pattern and let me video him explaining the grip. Thanks, Garret!

4th Sunday Spin Timelapse

During the most recent Spin Matsuri 4th Sunday Spin hoop jam, we snapped a photo every 5 seconds. 1699 frames later, we edited together this video of the action.

Check for the tandem hoop, the glitter litter hoop, our hoop dance dedication line dance, lots of hugs, cute children, proud moms, visitors, and all our favorite Tokyo hoopers.

April’s 4th Sunday Spin


One of our sister events is the monthly 4th Sunday Spin at Yoyogi Park. This month we had an incredible turnout with dozens of Tokyo’s awesome hoopers, poi spinners and fire performers. The hooping community is growing by leaps and bounds. We made a lot of new friends and great connections. The next 4th Sunday Spin is on May 23rd. Please stop by to play with us!

Every month’s spin is a new adventure and usually brings some crazy surprises. In March, Guy brought a parachute to play with and we hooped with an entire jr. high basketball team visting from Gunma-ken. This time we were asked to hoop in the background for a cute young moe idol, Beckii Cruel, who is promoting her latest song release. Deanne captured the fun in a video – something I never seem to remember to do. Thanks, dd for putting together such great memories of the day!

This and other Tokyo hoop events are promoted via the Facebook group “Hooping in Tokyo