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So many classes and workshops. Let’s play and learn all summer. And be sure to check the Spin Matsuri Facebook page and Awa Community Circus Facebook group for more events, workshops, and fun.


夏サーカスキャンプ (安房コミュニティーサーカス)

Summer Circus Camp
日本と外国の講師 • 命令言語: 英語、日本語、フィンランド語など。
1週コース:毎日朝9 – 12、 20,000円 又1日コース:4000円


Kids’ Circus Classes with Inari and Tink
6月の水曜日 4回(6/1、15、22、29)
7月の水曜日 3 回(7/6、13、20)
16:30 – 17:30


Adult Circus Classes with Inari and Tink
6月の水曜日 4回(6/1、15、22、29)
7月の水曜日 3回(7/6、13、20)
18:00 – 19:30


One Day Circus Workshop with Inari and Tink
7月3日 (日)• 12:00 – 17:00 • 5000円



Moyashi Yoga


4th Sunday Spin
5/22, 6/26, 7/24, 8/28
13:00 – 15:00

4th Sunday Spin

4th Sunday Spin


Wow, what a fun afternoon for the last 4th Sunday Spin of 2015. Twelve people dropped by to hoop and juggle, spin poi, and chat in the chilly December afternoon. We even had two dogs join us.

The next 4th Sunday Spin will be FEBRUARY 28th. I will be in Thailand with Spark Circus in January. I will return with new tricks and ideas for us to play with.


4th Sunday Spin Info and News

Retiring 4th Sunday Spin

It is hard to retire a long-running program. As of January 2014 our monthly hoop jam, 4th Sunday Spin, is cancelled. We’ve hosted a lot of fun at Yoyogi Park since 2010 and that you for coming out to play! With so many other terrific community events it is time to step aside for the new players to shine and for Spin Matsuri to focus on other hoop activities.

Wondering where to get your hoop on? Try one of these:

4th Sunday Spin

4th Sunday Hoop Market

Costume and hoop give-away day at 4th Sunday Spin! this weekend. I am paring down my wardrobe and hoop stash. Come get some fun costumes, or take home a special hoop for yourself. Bring your spare costumes and hoops – let’s share.

I will have: 2 travel hoops, 2 sets of twins, an old-skool Hoop Tokyo hoop, and half a dozen 90 cm hoops. I hope you are ready to expand your hoop collection! And if anyone wants a gigantic partner/meditation hoop, let me know and I will bring it.

From the costume closet there wil be some sexy shiny clubwear, bright pieces for practice, teaching or performance, and more.

If you want to bring hoop-related items to sell, instead of giving them away, that is fine. Be sure to mark them with prices and your name so buyers know what’s what.

4th Sunday Spin Info and News WHD Dance Workshops & Events

WHD Dance in Tokyo – schedule for WS and practices

We have just a few weeks left before World Hoop Day. I arrived home from the tour today and I am ready to take Tokyo’s hoop dancers to the next level with this choreography. I hope you have been practicing! If not, there is one official workshop and several practices scheduled before our filming date on 12/16.

WHD Dance Workshop
11/26 (Monday)  7-9 pm
Edogawabashi Gymnasium (map)
Learn the whole dance from beginning to end!
The workshop is free, but there is a 300 yen entry fee for the gymnasium. RSVP is essential via e-mail or FB.

WHD Dance Practices
11/25 (Sunday) 3 -4 pm at 4th Sunday Spin, Yoyogi Park
11/28 (Wednesday) 1 -2 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium
12/1 (Saturday) 1-2 pm at Yoyogi Park
12/9 (Sunday) 7 – 8 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium (to be confirmed)
These practices are free (300 yen entry at Edogawa Gymnasium). Please bring your own hoop. We will refine our group dance, work on duos, and smooth out any tricky bits.

WHD Dance Filming
12/16 (Sunday) 1-3 pm @ Yoyogi Park
One final rehearsal followed by the filming. Wear your favorite hoop costume and bring your hoop.

If you would like to make a donation to World Hoop Day, it will be gratefully accepted. World Hoop Day funds raised in Tokyo will be going to hooping activities with Spark! Circus and the Peace Boat.

4th Sunday Spin Workshops & Events

Space Explorers

Colleen’s workshop was a playful look at hooping on- and off-body, incorporating body parts you might never have considered for hoopdance.  We foot-spun hoops across our legs, tossed over our backs, stretched back to get out of the way of the hoop, made daring mid-air catches on the diagonal.

And then Colleen directed us to focus on our “second hand” – the one not moving the hoop. What was it doing? Probably nothing much. Would could it do? Lots of beautiful movements including tracing the path of the hoop’s movement and winding around  the torso.

I moved in new ways yesterday and I am excited to keep working with these ideas. Thank, Colleen, for an excellent workshop!

4th Sunday Spin Workshops & Events

Special Workshop: Exploring Space!

Sunday, June 24th
3pm – 4pm (during 4th Sunday Spin)
Instructor: Colleen Nyugen

Let’s explore ways to utilize the space around and on our bodies and our hoops. Open up your range of dance and motion with off-body and on-the-body hooping, discover how to make basic moves look and feel better, and even create new tricks of your own. Be ready to open your mind and play!


A hooper since February 2010, Colleen hails from a large community of flow artists in Eugene, Oregon. She is a member of the University of Oregon’s juggling club and can be found hooping at festivals and electronic parties, as well as the flow arts gathering, Pacific Fire. Colleen is currently in Tokyo for a 4-month study abroad program and will return to America at the end of July. Until then, she hopes to learn from hoopers in Japan and to share with you the hooping styles of the Pacific Northwest.

4th Sunday Spin Hoop Tutorials

4 Hoop Clover Hold


Garret Flowers, on his way home to Canada from Spark Circus, stopped in to play with us at 4th Sunday Spin. He shared this nifty, 4-hoop pattern and let me video him explaining the grip. Thanks, Garret!

4th Sunday Spin

4th Sunday Spin Timelapse


During the most recent Spin Matsuri 4th Sunday Spin hoop jam, we snapped a photo every 5 seconds. 1699 frames later, we edited together this video of the action.

Check for the tandem hoop, the glitter litter hoop, our hoop dance dedication line dance, lots of hugs, cute children, proud moms, visitors, and all our favorite Tokyo hoopers.

4th Sunday Spin

4th Sunday Spin – the movie