4th Sunday Spin Workshops & Events

Special Workshop: Exploring Space!

Sunday, June 24th
3pm – 4pm (during 4th Sunday Spin)
Instructor: Colleen Nyugen

Let’s explore ways to utilize the space around and on our bodies and our hoops. Open up your range of dance and motion with off-body and on-the-body hooping, discover how to make basic moves look and feel better, and even create new tricks of your own. Be ready to open your mind and play!


A hooper since February 2010, Colleen hails from a large community of flow artists in Eugene, Oregon. She is a member of the University of Oregon’s juggling club and can be found hooping at festivals and electronic parties, as well as the flow arts gathering, Pacific Fire. Colleen is currently in Tokyo for a 4-month study abroad program and will return to America at the end of July. Until then, she hopes to learn from hoopers in Japan and to share with you the hooping styles of the Pacific Northwest.

Workshops & Events

Warm Weeknight Workshops!

I’m so pleased to announce the Spin Matsuri summer workshop series: Warm Weeknight Workshops. What better excuse for a night outdoors than a free hoop lesson with Tink?  There are six workshops in the series, all on alternate Thursdays. (WWW). スピン祭り夏のワークショップシリーズ 「Warm Weeknight Workshops」を発表しましたよ。

  • 6月14日:フープヨガやサーカスドリル(フィットネス、全レベル)
    Hoop Yoga and Circus Drills (fitness for all levels)
  • 6月28日:プーピングツインズ(二フープの動き、中レベル)
    P’ooping Twins (two-hoop moves, intermediate level)
  • 7月12日:フープ発明(創造的なフープ、全レベル)
    Hoop Inventions (creative hooping, all levels)
  • 7月26日:パートナープレイ(2人の動き、中レベル)
    Partner Play (two-person moves, intermediate level)
  • 8月9日:1-2-3-4 ビート(フープダンス、小・中レベル)
    1-2-3-4 Beat (hoop dance, beginner-intermediate levels)
  • 8月23日:WHDダンス(フープダンス、全レベル)
    WHD Dance (hoop dance, all levels)

All workshops begin at 7:30 pm and last until 9 pm. We’ll meet at the usual place in Yoyogi Park – in the grass just past the kiosk and the Harajuku gates. Cancelled if it rains. ワークショップでは、代々木公園で午後7:30時から午後9時です。雨が降ってキャンセルされました。

The workshops are free. Donations for World Hoop Day are gratefully accepted. ワークショップは無料です。世界フープ日の寄付は喜んで受け入れられています。

RSVPs are required; please mail or join the event on Facebook. Workshops with no registrations will be cancelled. RSVPは必須です。メールspinmatsuri@gmail.comしてくださいやFacebookのイベントに参加してください。無登録のワークショップはキャンセルされます。