4th Sunday Spin

4th Sunday Hoop Market

Costume and hoop give-away day at 4th Sunday Spin! this weekend. I am paring down my wardrobe and hoop stash. Come get some fun costumes, or take home a special hoop for yourself. Bring your spare costumes and hoops – let’s share.

I will have: 2 travel hoops, 2 sets of twins, an old-skool Hoop Tokyo hoop, and half a dozen 90 cm hoops. I hope you are ready to expand your hoop collection! And if anyone wants a gigantic partner/meditation hoop, let me know and I will bring it.

From the costume closet there wil be some sexy shiny clubwear, bright pieces for practice, teaching or performance, and more.

If you want to bring hoop-related items to sell, instead of giving them away, that is fine. Be sure to mark them with prices and your name so buyers know what’s what.

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