Summer Events 2013


Oh, the rainy season has begun, but let’s not stop hooping. In fact, we have a bunch of hooping events planned all the way through summer. Mark your calendars and check Facebook for details and updates.

June 23
4th Sunday Spin
1pm @ Yoyogi Park. FREE

June 29
Nagisa Music Festival
Aginomoto Stadium. Tickets: 4300.

July 7
Charity Hoop Making
11 am – 1pm @ Okachimachi. 2000 yen
Event info:

July 13
Beach Hooping
Noon @ Kamakura. FREE

July 28
4th Sunday Spin
1pm @ Yoyogi Park. FREE

August 3
Edogawa Hanabi Hoop Picnic
4 pm @ Iidabashi Station. FREE

August 25
4th Sunday Spin
@ Hoopie Garden in Nagano!

And don’t forget there is also InoPoi on the 1st Sunday of the month from 1 pm at Inokashira Park, Hoop Lounge monthly (the next one is July 3),  Shonan Earth Poi on the 1st Saturday of  the month from 2 pm at Kandai Koen in Fujisawa, and weekly meetings of Shinjuku Zatsugidan fire artists. If you know of other regulary scheduled events, or special summer festivals and activities where hoopers are welcome to play, leave a comment below.

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