Spin Matsuri Retreat

Day Tickets Available

For busy hoopers, a full weekend away can be a challenge. But don’t miss Spin Matsuri if you can’t find time for a three-day retreat. Come on Saturday! We have a new option for busy spinners that gets you 5 workshops, resort access, and lunch for only 18,000 yen.

Day Program Schedule:
8:30 registration at Seimei no Mori Resort
9:00 2 workshop sessions
12:00 lunch & break
2:00 3 workshop sessions
6:30 conclusion of Day Program

Sessions & Instructors:
Beth Lavinder Williams: Hoop Path
Yuta: Poi Spinning & Body Movement
Bunny Hoop Star: Hybrid Hoop Morph
Rainbow Michael: Poi Yoga
Miss Rosie: Dance for Hoopers

To get your ticket, send an e-mail to Let us know if you prefer to pay by paypal or bank transfer and we’ll get right back to you with details.