Spin Matsuri Retreat

2012 Planning Poll

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It’s time to start planning our schedule for next year; share your ideas and dreams for Spin Matsuri events in Japan. Do you dream of learning from a star teacher? What events would you love to attend? Do you want to teach? Perform? Share your hooping or flow talents? Tell us your dreams and let’s make them come true.

Spin Matsuri Retreat

Costume Making

On Sunday 10.10.10 it will be Chill Night at Spin Matsuri..

One of the workshops we are holding is Costume Making!

So keep this in mind and bring some extra clothing with you! Maybe you have some shirts or pants that your really don’t love anymore…but! you can make something new out of them and it is super fun!  Not only are you recycling your own clothing and saving money but now you will be able to wear something that you made! and we all know that something handmade is alot more special than anything you can buy in any old store…

So remember to bring some extra clothes with you to Spin Matsuri!

See you soon!

Spin Matsuri Retreat

Less than a week away! YES!

Less than a week away and we are ready to go!

For all that have signed up and paid please take some time to print out your Spin Matsuri 2010 Guidebooks and look them over. If you have any questions please contact us at

We are all buzzing around with excitement! We can not wait to meet all of you!

Sunday Night Chill Night..World Hoop Day..10.10.10 has alot to offer at Spin Matsuri!

We will open the night with some light yoga by Shanel.

The rest of the night you can create some new styles of clothing in the Clothing create the Spin Matsuri Mandala in the Mandala with some Theta Healing by Tomoko..walk around and shop for a new hoop or just lay back in the Pillow Tent and listen to some music…It is up to you…What is Mandala?..What is Theta Healing?..

Theta Healing Booth

Theta Healing is a type Energy Healing Technique that works on all levels of your being, including: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual by clearing the blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in your life. At Chill night on Sunday, there will be 2 group sessions, one in English and one in Japanese. I will demonstrate a short one on one session and we will have a  fun group session, changing our negative beliefs to positive beliefs so we can get ready for the last day of Spin Matsuri with a sparkly positive attitude!! Looking forward to chilling with you all! Tomoko


シータヒーリングは米国で開発されたエネルギー療法です。このヒーリングテクニックを利用し、潜在意識に潜む、ネガティブな思い込みをクリアにして、ポジティブな思い込みに変え、自分がもっていない感覚、感情を呼び覚ます事によってあなたの肉体、精神、感情、スピリチュアル面をグレードアップする事ができます。なぁんて、難しい説明はともかく・・・日曜日のチルナイトでは、日本語と英語の2つのグループセッションを開きます。短時間の個人セッションのデモンストレーションの後には、みんなで「思い込みの変換」のグループセッションを体験していただきます。スピン祭り最終日に備えて、すっきりしたい方、充電したい方、どうぞご参加お待ちしています♪ Tomoko

Mandala love

Mandala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”.
Mandala creativity is the joy of bringing together meditation, intention and creation. Mandalas are a healing process to awaken your true self by radiating the light from within you. Quiet your mind, relax your body and lift your spirit with this sacred art. During Chill Night at Spin Matsuri there will be a Mandala Tent..Where we can all create one Mandala together. There will be a rainbow of colored pencils and gel pens for all your creating can lead yourself through a small breathing practice before you begin using your “light wands”(pens and pencils) to create a gorgeous mandala together using black paper. Creating mandalas relaxes the mind body and spirit so it fits into our Chill Night perfectly.

Check out this link below for more info on the sacred circle mandala.

We can not wait to see you at Spin Matsuri..get your smile..hoops..poi and love ready for a fantastic weekend! see you soon!                                            


Info and News Spin Matsuri Retreat

Spin Matsuri is 10 sleeps away


Fall is here and so is Spin Matsuri! well in about 10 sleeps!

Time is flying and so are we! We have all been working very hard to make Spin Matsuri a memorable event! So supercharge yourself..start getting those hoops cleaned up and ready to spin …start packing those bags with all the comforts you need and recharge you energy with healthy eats so you have the energy to in nature and meet new faces!

Our 3 day retreat ticketing has closed. We now offer our 1 day tickets for 10/10/10! WOW now that is going to be a strong beautiful day! We have a special offer for October 10th..Buy your 1 day ticket before 10.06.10 and get a special discount of 15,000 yen…that is 3000 yen off the regular ticket price of 18,000 yen! What is included? 4 great 90 minute workshops taught by teachers from all over the world! Resort access + all-you-can eat buffet lunch..and alot of amazing men and women to share the love of the sacred circle and the love of life we all have within…So if you think you can not hoop..recharge your thinking and believe that you can do anything..Spin Matsuri is not only about hoops, dance, flow, glow and movement..its about community, magic, healing through smiles and laughter and inspiration. We wish for you to walk away from Spin Matsuri feeling a bit lighter than you did when you arrived. We really want to see you there, so take some time out and come join us on this magical 10.10.10 day …

If you are interested in purchasing a 1 day ticket for 10.10.10 please email us at and we will answer any questions you may have for us.

Thank you for being you!

Info and News Spin Matsuri Retreat


Heather D is coming to Spin Matsuri as the winner of our contest.

A three year resident of Japan, Heather is a massage therapist and yogini who has been looking for a creative, positive community. Her experience at a hoop jam earlier this year “brought out a playful energy” that she enjoyed.

Special super thanks to the anonymous friend who donated the ticket and made this contest possible.

Info and News Spin Matsuri Retreat

チケット奨学金!Ticket Contest!




We have one retreat ticket donated by a friend who can’t attend this year. Would you like to win it?
In 140 characters, tell us why you should be at Spin Matsuri! Tweet @spinmatsuri or mail your entry to before 5pm on Mon 9/27. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, 9/28.
The ticket prize includes all workshops from 10/9 – 10/11, 6 meals and two nights hotel . It does not include transportation to/from the resort in Chiba.
Spin Matsuri Retreat

Free Market!

Sunday night after our workshops, we’ll enjoy a relaxed evening of activities and one of them is a free market. You are invited to bring things to sell – hula hoops, poi, spin toys, clothes, costumes, fashion accessories, books, DVDs, pretty much anything goes. Here’s a chance to introduce your line of products, or to pass along used items and maybe make some cash, too.

We’ll have a sign-up sheet for vendors. Anyone who wants to sell items will get a 2 meter square space in the gym from 8-9:30 pm. Please man your own booth and bring your display, change and signs as needed. There is no charge to be a vendor but only Spin Matsuri students and instructors  may participate.

If you want to shop at the market, bring your wallet!

Spin Matsuri Retreat

Meet the Staff

Masao Tamaoki is our facilities liaison, so if you have any questions about the venue during the weekend, please find Masao. Partner of HOOPLOVERS, Deanne Love, Masao  rocks his own funky hoop style.

Madoka Konishi brings her bright spirit to Spin Matsuri as schedule and ticket coordinator, so you probably communicated with her when you reserved your ticket. She is also our go-to girl for translations (thanks, Madoka!) Her hooping style is elegant and gentle

Nick Wong is new to the team this year, but you’ll be seeing a lot of him – he’s our multilingual MC. Nick is a graduate student from Malaysia studying traffic systems and started hooping at this August.

Heather Minowa is in charge of all the evening activities, free market, and ceremonies. A mandala artist living in Utunomiya, Heather loves all circles, including hula hoops!

Kristen McQuillin is general coordinator and dogsbody to the team. In addition to being on staff, she’ll be teaching a workshop on 10/10. She’s been hooping for two years.

Spin Matsuri Retreat

More than workshops

Spin Matsuri’s hooping and movement workshops are amazing, but there is so much more to the weekend.

Buffet meals give us all a chance to mingle and talk while we nourish out bodies. It’s great fun to meet new hoopers and relax with friends. Our rooms are shared, so you’ll have time to chat in the mornings and evenings, too.

On Saturday night we celebrate with an open show where everyone has a chance to share their talents and then we move onto a rocking party with hoops and dancing.

After our Sunday workshops, we open an evening of relaxed activities – mandalas, costume making, among others – and also host a free market for people who have hoops, costumes, and accessories to sell.

And in between it all, or any time you want to take a break, Seimei no Mori resort has a swimming pool, sauna and other facilities that you are welcome to use.

Spin Matsuri Retreat

Schedule Change

We would like to announce a change to the workshops schedule. Ellie will not be able to teach her workshop, “A Spiritual Journey: Hooping through the Chakras” as planned. Instead we have a special workshop to celebrate World Hoop Day on 10/10/10.

Tink will lead us in the dance she is collaboratively choreographing especially for World Hoop Day events around the world.

World Hoop Day is an annual fundraising event that sends hoops to children all around the world. Last year in Tokyo, we raised 100,000 yen to buy and decorate 100 hoops. They are being delivered at ports of call by the Peace Boat.