Spin Matsuri Retreat

Less than a week away! YES!

Less than a week away and we are ready to go!

For all that have signed up and paid please take some time to print out your Spin Matsuri 2010 Guidebooks and look them over. If you have any questions please contact us at

We are all buzzing around with excitement! We can not wait to meet all of you!

Sunday Night Chill Night..World Hoop Day..10.10.10 has alot to offer at Spin Matsuri!

We will open the night with some light yoga by Shanel.

The rest of the night you can create some new styles of clothing in the Clothing create the Spin Matsuri Mandala in the Mandala with some Theta Healing by Tomoko..walk around and shop for a new hoop or just lay back in the Pillow Tent and listen to some music…It is up to you…What is Mandala?..What is Theta Healing?..

Theta Healing Booth

Theta Healing is a type Energy Healing Technique that works on all levels of your being, including: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual by clearing the blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in your life. At Chill night on Sunday, there will be 2 group sessions, one in English and one in Japanese. I will demonstrate a short one on one session and we will have a  fun group session, changing our negative beliefs to positive beliefs so we can get ready for the last day of Spin Matsuri with a sparkly positive attitude!! Looking forward to chilling with you all! Tomoko


シータヒーリングは米国で開発されたエネルギー療法です。このヒーリングテクニックを利用し、潜在意識に潜む、ネガティブな思い込みをクリアにして、ポジティブな思い込みに変え、自分がもっていない感覚、感情を呼び覚ます事によってあなたの肉体、精神、感情、スピリチュアル面をグレードアップする事ができます。なぁんて、難しい説明はともかく・・・日曜日のチルナイトでは、日本語と英語の2つのグループセッションを開きます。短時間の個人セッションのデモンストレーションの後には、みんなで「思い込みの変換」のグループセッションを体験していただきます。スピン祭り最終日に備えて、すっきりしたい方、充電したい方、どうぞご参加お待ちしています♪ Tomoko

Mandala love

Mandala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”.
Mandala creativity is the joy of bringing together meditation, intention and creation. Mandalas are a healing process to awaken your true self by radiating the light from within you. Quiet your mind, relax your body and lift your spirit with this sacred art. During Chill Night at Spin Matsuri there will be a Mandala Tent..Where we can all create one Mandala together. There will be a rainbow of colored pencils and gel pens for all your creating can lead yourself through a small breathing practice before you begin using your “light wands”(pens and pencils) to create a gorgeous mandala together using black paper. Creating mandalas relaxes the mind body and spirit so it fits into our Chill Night perfectly.

Check out this link below for more info on the sacred circle mandala.

We can not wait to see you at Spin Matsuri..get your smile..hoops..poi and love ready for a fantastic weekend! see you soon!