Spin Matsuri is 10 sleeps away


Fall is here and so is Spin Matsuri! well in about 10 sleeps!

Time is flying and so are we! We have all been working very hard to make Spin Matsuri a memorable event! So supercharge yourself..start getting those hoops cleaned up and ready to spin …start packing those bags with all the comforts you need and recharge you energy with healthy eats so you have the energy to hoop..dance..play..take in nature and meet new faces!

Our 3 day retreat ticketing has closed. We now offer our 1 day tickets for 10/10/10! WOW now that is going to be a strong beautiful day! We have a special offer for October 10th..Buy your 1 day ticket before 10.06.10 and get a special discount of 15,000 yen…that is 3000 yen off the regular ticket price of 18,000 yen! What is included? 4 great 90 minute workshops taught by teachers from all over the world! Resort access + all-you-can eat buffet lunch..and alot of amazing men and women to share the love of the sacred circle and the love of life we all have within…So if you think you can not hoop..recharge your thinking and believe that you can do anything..Spin Matsuri is not only about hoops, dance, flow, glow and movement..its about community, magic, healing through smiles and laughter and inspiration. We wish for you to walk away from Spin Matsuri feeling a bit lighter than you did when you arrived. We really want to see you there, so take some time out and come join us on this magical 10.10.10 day …

If you are interested in purchasing a 1 day ticket for 10.10.10 please email us at spinmatsuri@gmail.com and we will answer any questions you may have for us.

Thank you for being you!

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