Meet the Staff

Masao Tamaoki is our facilities liaison, so if you have any questions about the venue during the weekend, please find Masao. Partner of HOOPLOVERS, Deanne Love, Masao  rocks his own funky hoop style.

Madoka Konishi brings her bright spirit to Spin Matsuri as schedule and ticket coordinator, so you probably communicated with her when you reserved your ticket. She is also our go-to girl for translations (thanks, Madoka!) Her hooping style is elegant and gentle

Nick Wong is new to the team this year, but you’ll be seeing a lot of him – he’s our multilingual MC. Nick is a graduate student from Malaysia studying traffic systems and started hooping at this August.

Heather Minowa is in charge of all the evening activities, free market, and ceremonies. A mandala artist living in Utunomiya, Heather loves all circles, including hula hoops!

Kristen McQuillin is general coordinator and dogsbody to the team. In addition to being on staff, she’ll be teaching a workshop on 10/10. She’s been hooping for two years.

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