Spin Matsuri Retreat

A Japan First: Mini Hoops Workshop

Zoom hoops are hot and we have them!


We are thrilled to announce that Rainbow Michael will be sharing his mini-hoops expertise with us in a new Saturday session at Spin Matsuri.

Mini hoops, which are popular in the US, are rarely seen in Japan. In Rainbow’s workshop you’ll learn to manipulate two small hoops in sync with isolations, spins, and breaks to make flowing, symmetrical patterns in the air. Many mini moves are adapted from poi spinning. Spinning minis gets your arms moving in broad gestures and refined movement as you learn to control the hoops in a whole new way.

And in conjunction with Hoop Lovers, we are offering a Spin Matsuri Pre-Order Mini Hoop Bargain. Order a pair of 60cm mini hoops before September 28th for only 4,000 yen. Specify gold or silver and your choice of  black, orange, pink, blue or green gaffer. (In addition, special edition Spin Matsuri practice poi in fun green and white stripes are available for 1000 yen.) To place your order, e-mail Pick up and pay for your gear at the Spin Matsuri registration table so this offer is only for registered spinners.