Call for Instructors

This year’s Spin Matsuri is going to be a fun adventure filled with movement workshops, dance parties and creative collaborations. As it did in 2009, the weekend will involve approximately 40 participants and 7 instructors.

And this year we are hoping to expand our range of workshops. All sorts of hooping, flow toy, spinning, and dance techniques are welcome at this event. We are looking for people who can teach a range of skill levels in a large group. Is that you?

Spin Matsuri offers its instructors:

  1. Compensation of 20,000 JPY
  2. Spin Matsuri ticket: Saturday and Sunday accommodation plus buffet meals from Saturday dinner through Sunday lunch at Seimei no Mori Resort. And of course, access to all workshops and events
  3. Reception dinner on Friday, October 8th (following a pre-event meeting)
  4. Scheduling and logistics information and assistance
  5. Opportunity to sell merchandise to event participants

Instructors will:

  1. Teach one 90 minute sessions with 40-50 students
  2. Provide music for session
  3. Perform a short piece on Saturday night “show-off” and provide music  (any talent is welcome)
  4. Attend the pre-event meeting and reception dinner on October 8th
  5. Inform Spin Matsuri of any special needs or changes to plan

We are accepting inquires and applications through May 20th via e-mail to If you are not interested in being an instructor but would like to enjoy the experience as a participant, please  join our group on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or check out our website at

Looking forward to getting into the spin with you soon!

(If you wish to apply as an instructor, it would be helpful if you’d fill in the bits below and return them via e-mail)


Bio: (100 words or fewer)

Workshop Title:
Description: (100 word summary)
Video Link: (to sample, if available)
Equipment required:

Please understand that Spin Matsuri 2010 is a small adventure and there are limited spaces for instructors and participants. Decisions will be made based on your availability, timely submissions, lesson fit and desire to be a positive participant in the growing hoop and spin community within Japan. Sadly we cannot guarantee a space to all instructor applicants, however there are also spaces for participants at the Spin Matsuri event should you wish to attend.

Selection criteria

* Available the weekend of October 9/10/11, 2010 to be in Chiba, Japan.
* Able to offer a unique and captivating 90 minute movement, dance, play lesson to approximately 40-50 participants.
* Provide own materials or spares of special equipment.
* Willing to communicate with organisers as needed.
* Available for one pre-event meeting the day before Spin Matsuri.
* Willing to help with non-teaching tasks, if required.
* Open to the possibility of schedule changes due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.
* Willing to perform for a “show-off” event during the retreat. Any talent is ok

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