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WHD Dance 2011 Compilation


11 countries. 41 groups. 317 dancers.

The WHD Dance 2011 video is so full of life, enthusiasm,  groovy moves and cool costumes that I am entirely overwhelmed. It was thrilling to see so many hoop dancers – some who I know in person, some who I worship from afar, and plenty of new faces – enjoying themselves with a project I coordinated. Thank you for dedicating time to learn the dance, for performing on World Hoop Day and for sending in your video.

Editing the video was an interesting challenge. The song is only 34 measures, and I received 41 videos. I decided to create an “extended mix” to accomodate each group for a full eight counts on the screen. Even so, I had to make some difficult choices about what section of each dance to use. In too many cases, I had to miss a wonderful moment, a sweet move, or I couldn’t fit an entire group on the screen at once. If you danced but can’t find yourself in the compilation video, accept my sincere apologies. Compromises are never ideal.

I learned a lot during this year’s project, especially relating to teaching dance and to music selection and choreographing for easy editing. I hope to put my new knowledge into practice for our WHD Dance 2012. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. See you for a new dance next year!

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Choreography: Tomomi Ara & Tink (Kristen McQuillin)
Music: Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
Editing: Tink

::: Australia: Melbourne, Mystery Bay, Sydney
::: Brazil: Porte Allegro
::: Canada : Lake Ida Ann, Ottawa
::: Finland: Helsinki, Tampere
::: France: Paris
::: Japan : Tokyo (Fab), Tokyo (JHIC), Tokyo (Spin Matsuri), Tottori
::: Mexico : Mexico City
::: Netherlands: Amsterdam
::: New Zealand: Dunedin
::: UK: Brighton, London
::: USA : Bath, ME; Carrboro, NC; Hillsborough, NJ; Lynn, MA; Madison, WI (Team Wisconsin); Madison, WI (HulaHoopla); Marietta, GA (Alphabet Hoops); Marietta, GA (MCAA Rockets); Mississippi Gulf Coast; Oakland, CA; Ohio; Old Town Spring, TX; Portland, OR; Raleigh, NC; Reno, NV; Salem, MA; Salt Lake City, UT; San Francisco, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Seattle, OR; Springfield, NJ

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