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2011 Event Recap

2011 was a busy year for Spin Matsuri and hoopers in Tokyo. I didn’t realise until I started listing everything but wow…

  1. January: hoopy new year lunch
  2.  February: getting inspired at circus training
  3. March: circus-style hoop drills, 4th Sunday Spin charity food drive
  4. April: hoop making, 4th Sunday Spin, Guru-guru Camp
  5. May: Japan Tricks Showcase charity video, hoop hospital, robot video shoot, 4th Sunday Spin
  6. June: 4th Sunday Spin
  7. July: hoop hospital, Kamakura beach jam, 4th Sunday Spin, Finding Flow workshop
  8. August: charity hoop making, Edogawa hanabi hoop picnic, Finding Flow  (US workshops), 4th Sunday Spin
  9. September: 4th Sunday Spin
  10. October: Japan Hoop Instructors Conference, 4th Sunday Spin
  11. November: Amazing Hoop Race, hoop hospital, World Hoop Day, WHD Dance, 4th Sunday Spin
  12. December: z-axis workshop, hoop brunch

And that is only what Spin Matsuri organised. There were also classes with Hooplovers and Hoop Tokyo, volunteering in Tohoku, performances at Hoop Lounge and beyond. Tokyo had a great hooping year. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2012.

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