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Hoopcamp Experiences

Group sculpture at hoopcamp

Hoopcamp 2012 has just concluded. I went there to teach the WHD Dance, which I did to a genki group of 7 on Saturday afternoon. There were some Unexpected Japan connections in workshop. Melichan came for the day; she is doing well, engaged to be married, and we will see her in Japan for her Japanese wedding. Taylor Danes also came to the lesson. You may recall him from's Great Race last year; he and his partner won the week that Ayumi and I judged. It was a delight to meet and hoop together. Taylor gave me a hand teaching the 2 person moves, for which I was very grateful.

I also took lots of workshops. I'll be back in Tokyo in November to share what I learned from Gail O'Brian, Malcolm Stewart, Shredder, Jocelyn Gordon, Mary Jane, Philo, Baxter, Cassandra, Rainbow Michael, Nicole and Sara, Mona Shpongledhoops, and so many more. I took notes and video so that I won't forget anything.

One great experience was connecting with one of the other Sparkles going to Thailand in January and four former Sparkles. Heather Denham and I did some brainstorming for the upcoming Spark Circus tour. Thailand is going to see some WHD Dancing.

And I extended invitations to lots of hoopers and hoop teachers to come to Tokyo. I hope a few will visit us and share their styles in the coming year.