Halfway through the tour

I am sitting in a crowded breakfast room at my hotel in Warsaw this morning, getting nourished and ready to fly to the UK for the next three workshops on the WHD Dance tour.

Hopping.org wrote up a feature on the tour today, so I thought I'd better post here and keep you up to date, too.

So far, the workshops have been exciting and every one has been different. We have danced in dance studios, an old church, a gymnasium (the other kind of hoopers were shooting baskets nearby), and outdoors. The workshops have been getting bigger and bigger. I hear that Glasgow is sold out.

My personal experience jet-setting around the world and staying with a range of hosts has been terrific so far. I hate to jinx anything, but my flights have generally been on time and uneventful. In the past few weeks I have slept in a tent, on an inflatable mattress, in an attic, on a futon, and in several comfy beds. It's been a real treat to meet everyone and to fit into their lives for a day or two.

The dance workshops themselves are never long enough. Two hours gives us all enough time to explore the moves, but never quite enough to get into the duo and solo sections. Every workshop has homework!

One of the things that I am learning is how diverse our skills and strengths are. For every hooper that gets a particular move, there is another one who struggles with it. I am learning new ways to teach things I had not even considered covering, and figuring out better ways to explain all of the moves in the dance.

By the time I get back to Tokyo, the workshop will be perfectly smooth. And then I will get to present it in Japanese!


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  1. Exciting to read about your adventures! Mirai would love to continue learning with you so please let us keep us posted when back in Tokyo.

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