New Workshops for a good cause

I am fundraising for Spark! Circus, a social circus based along the Burmese border in Thailand. I will be performing with them in January and February. Please support this project by signing up for classes and private lessons with me.

Hoop Fitness A killer class for strength and cardio training. 60 minutes will knock you out. This class features core hooping with multiple hoops, circus drills, jumping, running, and sustained movement, plus some intense exercises to build strength. This workshop incorporates a mix of techniques from Jewelz and Lisa in Australia, plus drill patterns from Hoopcamp. Sunday, March 3. 10:30 – 11:30 am. Only 10 9 places available. RSVP by 12/31: 3000 yen. Please mail

Hooping with Kids Whether you are a parent, game leader, or a teacher, this workshop will show you some incredibly fun ways to incorporate hoops into your classroom, parties, or daily life. Kids age 5 and over are welcome with parents. Sunday, March 3. 12:30 – 1:30 pm. Only 12 9 places available. RSVP by 12/31: 3000 yen per adult or Family ticket: 1 parent + 2 kids: 5000 yen Please mail

Tricks, tricks, tricks (part 1) An hour long class of amazing tricks I learned from teachers around the world, including Malcolm Stuart, Gail O’Brien, Philo Hagen, and more. Pick up some crazy new moves and combos. Sunday, March 10. 11:30 am – 12:30pm. RSVP by 12/31: 3000 yen. Only 10 9 places available. Please mail

Tricks, Tricks, tricks (part 2) More tricks – this time with two hoops! Explore twin moves including isolations, moves using mismatched hoops, anti-spin and more. Try some partner play, too. This class shares techniques learned from Deanne Love, Mark Douglas, Jeff Robinson, and Nicole Wong. Sunday, March 10. 1 pm – 2 pm. RSVP by 12/31: 3000 yen. Only 10 9 places available. Please mail

Private Lessons with Tink Learn in the comfort of your own space and at your own pace. Individual instruction allows you to focus on exactly what you want to learn and ensures you are geting as much attention as you want. We’ll discuss your goals before our session.
By appointment only. December 1- 30. 60 minute session, 5000 yen. Please mail for an appointment.

Performance Preparation with Tink Have a show that you need some help with? Getting ready for your debut at Hoop Lounge? Looking to add more oomph to your stage act? Not sure what to wear? Call on Tink to give you a positive and helpful critique along with pointers for wowing the audience.
By appointment only. December 1- 30. 60 minute session, 5000 yen. Please mail for an appointment.

Extra Special Fundraising Goodies

  • Hand-drawn Postcard from Thailand (10 available): 2000 yen
  • Hooping Life Playing Cards (1 available): 1500 yen
  • Handmade Flower Hair Accessory (1 available): 2000 yen
  • Hoop Button and Sticker Pack (2 1 available): 1000 yen

Please mail to purchase. Shipping within Japan only, please.

Why am I doing these workshops in March? Why do you have to pay in advance? These workshops are a fundraiser to support Spark! Circus’ upcoming performance tour. The money raise by advance sales of these workshops will support the shared costs of the tour, including toys and circus supplies that we donate to the refugee camps, orphanages and schools around Mae Sot.I will be participating in Spark! Circus in Thailand from January 5 – February 22, 2013 and Since I will be busy preparing my acts, costumes and workshops for the kids before I go, I will do the Tokyo classes when I return. Plus, I expect to have some great new moves from my fellow performers to add to the workshops! 

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