50 Positive Words for Hoop Teachers

Using positive words with students is a powerful teaching technique. Everyone responds well to genuine and sincere praise. It’s especially helpful to point out something specific about a student’s effort – whether it is how hard they are working, a natural gift for rhythm, or graceful footwork.

But as a teacher, I find myself stuck using the same three or four phrases repeatedly. I am sure my students are getting bored being told they are awesome, terrific, and gorgeous! So here is a list of 50 useful adjectives that you can use to pump up your praise without repeating yourself. These are also helpful for your own personal affirmations and self-praise.

  1. Alive
  2. Amazing
  3. Animated
  4. Awesome
  5. Beautiful
  6. Blissful
  7. Brilliant
  8. Bubbling
  9. Calm
  10. Comfortable
  11. Courageous
  12. Curious
  13. Ebullient
  14. Effervescent
  15. Energetic
  16. Enlivened
  17. Enthusiastic
  18. Excited
  19. Expressive
  20. Exhilarated
  21. Exuberant
  22. Fabulous
  23. Free
  24. Gorgeous
  25. Graceful
  26. High spirited
  27. Hopeful
  28. Hot
  29. Inspired
  30. Intense
  31. Invigorated
  32. Joyous
  33. Lively
  34. Motivated
  35. Optimistic
  36. Passionate
  37. Patient
  38. Powerful
  39. Radiant
  40. Refreshed
  41. Serene
  42. Soft
  43. Stimulated
  44. Strong
  45. Superb
  46. Surprised
  47. Terrific
  48. Vigorous
  49. Wonderful
  50. Zestful

 Not sure how to start? Try some of the words in these phrases:

You look ____!
When you do X, you show how _____ you are.
Your X is so _____.
I really like how _____ you have become at X.
Do you know how _______ you are?

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