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Spin Matsuri hosts events for Japan’s hoop dance and spin communities.

Byrd School

byrd school collage

Today I had the pleasure of doing a school show at a charming 35 student Navy school that is being consolidated as their base closes. Our hour of performance and play time went in the blink of the eye. To all the Byrd Penguins, I hope you all enjoy becoming Ikego Fireflies next semester.

Check out the beautiful “Thank You Spin Matsuri” banner that one of the teachers created for the stage. I have never been so sweetly welcomed.

Hula Hoop Mega Class


A two hour extravaganza of combining fitness, circus, dance and group work. Beginners welcome. Intermediate hoopers welcome. No matter what your level, there will be challenges and triumphs galore.

Saturday, June 14
9:30 – 11:30 am
Edogawabashi Taiikukan
2000 yen

Get your tickets now – only 10 places available:

Do you know the Algorithm March? We’ll be playing with this while hooping!

Hooping with the Frolicaholics – the GGC 2014 music/hoop video project

Filmed by Rob Moreno on the beautiful island of Niijima during Guru-guru Camp, this video combines two of my favorite things – hooping and playing ukulele – along with some of my favorite people (especially Tod) and a song I adores, Sophie Madeleine’s Stars.

The video was shot at various locations around Niijima: the campsite, stone animal zoo, Habushiura beach, Maehama beach, and the ferry terminal. We created quite a sight for the locals and tourists as we cycled around in costume with instruments in our bike baskets, performed in random spots, and woke before dawn to shoot the sunrise scenes.

The results of Rob’s vision and editing awe me. It’s a gorgeous video. Please enjoy it.

Thank you to Sareh, Akemi, Alice, and Harusa for joining in the group choreography and hoop solos. I’m so glad you all came to camp this year!

Malcolm Stuart Hoop Jam


Malcolm Stuart visited Japan for a vacation, so Tink hosted a hoop jam that turned into an impromptu workshop. Thanks to everyone who came to Yoyogi Park to meet Malcolm and especially the crew who drove in overnight from Osaka. That’s true fan dedication.

Super big hoop hugs to Malcolm for being flexible and switching from jamming to teaching when everyone was too shy to hoop with him. 🙂 He’s a huge hero and inspiration here and everyone seemed a little star-struck.

Here’s Malcolm in action teaching two BTB swing moves to us:


Guru-Guru Camp 2014


20 people joined us at Guru-guru Camp during Golden Week for hooping, balancing, hiking, biking, bubbling, photographing, eating, decorating, bathing, playing, making a video, and so much more.


You’ll find these photos and more on Tink’s Flickr.

World’s Most Loved Hoops

chewed hoops

Guru-guru Camp is one of the highlights of my year and it is also a lot of fun for the kids and adults on Niijima. This year, it was a little bit too fun for my hoops.

Three were  chewed by Tank the dog. Two sprung apart with snapped connectors. Five hoops were shredded on concrete to the point where the tubing was scratched. That was a good day!

I brought 11 hoops to camp. I left five of them behind for the garbage man; I felt guilty for discarding them, but they were too chewed up to repair. I shipped the rest home to fix up for harsh environments and rough play.

Love your hoops to the max, then turn them into hoops for the beach. More love, more love, more love.

Hoop Jam with Malcolm Stuart


Malcolm Stuart is in Tokyo, fresh from Sacred Circularities in Bali. We’re getting together at Yoyogi Park this Sunday, May 11,  for a hoop jam. It’s a great chance to play and hoop and enjoy the fine spring weather together. (Please note this is not a workshop.)

Sunday, May 11 from 11am – 2 pm at Yoyogi Park in “the usual place” in the grass near the Harajuku gates. Please bring your own hoop – mine got destroyed at Guru-guru Camp.