Social Circus

Spark Circus Experience


タイにかえりました。Spark Circus は良い経験でした。今から多くの新しい計画を持っています。

Tod & I’ve returned from the Spark Circus 2016 tour in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Our project went smoothly and we entertained and played with more than 3800 students at 15 schools. We guided 120 students put on their own circus shows and I know that at least a few of those students had a key life experiences thanks to our visit. One young man used a computer for the first time and ran sound for the show; a bully turned around when given the chance; shy students became brave on the aerial rig; and the kids generally expressed so much care and attention in their circus work…it was a delight to see direct evidence of the power of social circus.

The Spark team was fantastic. Eight people from all over the world with a mix of skills, personalities and experience just right for the project. We were all excellent teachers and performers with so much professionalism. I’d recommend any of the team for another project, performance or teaching gig. Thank you, Tune, Kira, Guillaume, Rosie, Chris and Charlie for letting me organise and lead this year’s tour.



I’ve come home with lots of enthusiasm. Here’s the thing. I don’t need to go to Thailand to do social circus. I can (and should) be doing it right here in my own backyard. Japan has plenty of need – orphans, elders, displaced people, ill folks, and disabled people of all kinds who are overlooked and underserved. Let’s juggle together or put on a funny show.

And among the more privileged, I know there is a desperate need for play. A way for hardworking students and salarymen to let loose. For non-conformists and all those “nails that stick up” to express themselves and succeed. I am going to try to provide play opportunities as a for-profit business that feeds my social volunteerism in the hospitals, care homes, and other facilities that can’t afford to pay.

So my first step is to commit to staying home this summer. No trips to India or exotic locales. I’m going to work on establishing my connections here. First by building a local reputation with yoga classes, hoop jams and other creative workshops in Kamogawa. Then I will branch out to afterschool creativity classes and a summer camp for circus and arts.

I can’t do it alone. I need your help. I want to collaborate. Maybe you want to teach or perform in the project, or you know a facility that needs a performance or workshop, or run an NGO that does similar work, or you want to come to my classes and help fund social circus. Cheering me on with a “go go go!” is a big help. In any case, if you want to be part of developing a thriving social circus scene to Japan, be in touch. Email or like the Spin Matsuri Facebook page or catch me in person.