WHD Dance

WHD Dance Tutorial Filming


I can always count on Ayumi to help out with my projects. She’s been part of the WHD Dance tutorials for three years in a row – and this year it was only me and her. I am grateful for her support no matter whether she is tired or busy or what.

We had a fun afternoon of mistakes and triumphs. You won’t see the mistakes, so here is a triumphant moment I can share with you:

The full set of tutorials will be ready for release soon. If you’d like access to all of them, please sign up to the mailing list!

WHD Dance 2013 Videos Accepted until October 13

WHD Dance 2013 Videos Accepted until October 13

It’s time to edit all of our performances into one big video! Help me make the project compilation shine; send your video now. Instructions below.

It doesn’t matter whether your WHD Dance is perfect; I’ll do my best to use a flattering bit. Or tell me your favorite part: we rocked the kick line; our poses were cute; epic vertical moves in the first section; we started perfectly in sync. Whatever you like, I will try to make sure that ends up in the compilation.


Option 1 (recommended): the Cloud
Upload your unedited, high quality footage to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Please upload only one file per performance and name your file like this: WHD2013-LOCATION (i.e. WHD2013-Tokyo-JP.avi or WHD2013-Lancaster-PA-US.mv4). Use the city, state and country in the name. This will ensure I credit your location correctly and it doesn’t get lost in my filing system. Send the notification/invitation to connect to spinmatsuri@gmail.com

Option 2: Raw Footage on YouTube/Vimeo
Upload your unedited video (no titles, credits or transitions) at its highest resolution to YouTube or Vimeo. Please title it WHD Dance 2013 – LOCATION where ‘location’ is your city, state and country. This is how I will credit you in the compilation. Then send an e-mail with the link to spinmatsuri@gmail.com. I will then screen capture your video, so the quality will not be as good as option 1.

Option 3: Edited Footage on YouTube/Vimeo
Upload your finished video to YouTube or Vimeo. Please title it WHD Dance 2013 – LOCATION where location is your city, state and country. This is how I will credit you in the compilation. Then send an e-mail with the video link to spinmatsuri@gmail.com. I will screen capture your video, so the quality will not be as good as option 1. Edited footage is much harder to work into the compilation, but I will do my best.

* Submission deadline is October 13, but if you’re performing your dance after that, get in touch. I may be able to save you a place in the video. The compilation will be completed by the end of October.

WHD Dance 2013


Welcome to this year’s WHD Dance project – a global hoop dance in coordination with World Hoop Day on October 5th. The group choreography video is online for everyone to view. Specialised tutorials and teaching materials are available by free registration. Find out more on the WHD Dance page.

WHD Dance 2013 – collaborative efforts


With World Hoop Day coming up in about 4.5 months, it is time to get the ball rolling for the 4th annual WHD Dance choreography.  Hundreds of hoopers at Hoopcamp will be learning and filming the dance this year and that is really exciting.

I am asking around in the various hooping networks for some collaborative help and I want your ideas, too.

  1. What style of music would you like to dance to this year?
  2. If you could add one synchronised group move to the dance, what would it be?
  3. Any other suggestions or ideas for the choreo?

Send in your comments and ideas before June 1, please.

WHD Dance 2012 Compilation Video

379 hoop dancers in 11 countries danced this year during 32 performances and 12 workshops. What a beautiful and enthusiastic global community we hoopers take part in. Thank you to everyone who learned the choreography, taught it, shared it with friends, organised a performance, created costumes and got into the groove of this group dance.

I’m already thinking about the choreography for 2013 and should have tutorials online in the summer. (Now is your time to make suggestions or offer your help!)

WHD Dance 2012 – official Tokyo version

Here we are, turning around! The 2012 World Hoop Day Dance performed by Tokyo hoopers at Yoyogi Park. Dance leaders: Ayumi and Kana. Video by Rob and Jesse. Silent cheering off camera by Tink, who had laryngitis that day.

WHD Dance in Tokyo – schedule for WS and practices

We have just a few weeks left before World Hoop Day. I arrived home from the tour today and I am ready to take Tokyo’s hoop dancers to the next level with this choreography. I hope you have been practicing! If not, there is one official workshop and several practices scheduled before our filming date on 12/16.

WHD Dance Workshop
11/26 (Monday)  7-9 pm
Edogawabashi Gymnasium (map)
Learn the whole dance from beginning to end!
The workshop is free, but there is a 300 yen entry fee for the gymnasium. RSVP is essential via e-mail or FB.

WHD Dance Practices
11/25 (Sunday) 3 -4 pm at 4th Sunday Spin, Yoyogi Park
11/28 (Wednesday) 1 -2 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium
12/1 (Saturday) 1-2 pm at Yoyogi Park
12/9 (Sunday) 7 – 8 pm at Edogawabashi Gymnasium (to be confirmed)
These practices are free (300 yen entry at Edogawa Gymnasium). Please bring your own hoop. We will refine our group dance, work on duos, and smooth out any tricky bits.

WHD Dance Filming
12/16 (Sunday) 1-3 pm @ Yoyogi Park
One final rehearsal followed by the filming. Wear your favorite hoop costume and bring your hoop.

If you would like to make a donation to World Hoop Day, it will be gratefully accepted. World Hoop Day funds raised in Tokyo will be going to hooping activities with Spark! Circus and the Peace Boat.